Thursday, August 1, 2013

Language Superiority? ...Why?

As a young video game developer and programmer, I've been able to get my hands on a few programming languages throughout my developer career. I've tried Java, JavaScript, C++, C# and Game Maker Language. I am not sure why but there seems to be a lot of hostility between people who use more "Difficult" languages and people who prefer "Easier Languages".

 I often hear people bragging about how C# is superior to JavaScript or GML but I don't understand where all that pride comes from. I've recently realized that almost all programming languages I've used  with the exceptions of file format and syntax is written and works almost the exact same way. Declaring a variable in C++ is just like declaring a variable in JavaScript if you know the Syntax. So is calling a function or writing a condition. It is because so many programming languages share the same constitutions that after you learn your first language all the others come so naturally to you. I am glad that this is true because it makes learning and translating languages that much easier. I will admit that that some languages may have more applications than others but that does not mean that the others don't have valid uses also. I've heard a bunch of team members of mine talk about how Java Script is useless when programming in unity 3d but the majority of tutorials that exist online are JavaScript tutorials. The project that we are working on is using majorly C# because of the games overall complexity but that does not mean that JavaScript should be forever ignored. If we ever worked on a simpler project, using JavaScript could most likely benefit us, because it would increase the speed at which we worked. I don't think that certain languages should be considered unusable all together because if they are used properly they can be far superior to the more advanced languages.