Friday, December 26, 2014

Korrasami has Destroyed My Life.

I'm not typically one for doing Fan Art but the Legend of Korra Finale is hitting me super hard right now. So hard that I decided to do some Fan art in the style of the game I am making Dusk Runner.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dusk Runner: A New Project Has Begun

Ah. There isn't quite anything like starting a brand new project. All the old flaws and quirks of your old project have become a thing of the past and you can focus on moving forward onto a bright and prosperous future. My last title was a infinite runner/launch game called Combo Princess. After I finished development on that project I took a break from solo development and I worked for Forever Interactive and Digital Iris for a while which was an incredible experience and I learned a ton of new technical skill and a lot of new things about how teams function in a non school atmosphere. With that knowledge in tow I am ready to dive back in to developing solo with my new game Dusk Runner. Dusk Runner is a Retro 2D Metroid Vania game that takes Inspiration from a number of nes titles. Including Batman, Ninja Gaiden and Kirby.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CSG Post 8: Living, Eating, Breathing by Reference

Up until very recently I never knew the true value of reference types. If you are not familiar with reference types, a reference type is a data type that stores the machine location of a piece of data instead of the data himself. The benefit of  this means that you can set this one data value from anywhere you have the reference. Another benefit is that it allows you to store and pass a lot of data without passing a lot of data. This particular benefit has been making my life a lot easier recently. On SOY I will often need to get data from a one object to another object. At first what I would to was assign a value directly using the get component method.

varINeed = targetObject.GetComponent<TargetScript>().desiredVar;

However a better way to do it is to just store a reference type of the object that I need access to.

var varINeed;

TargetScript  targetScript = targetObject.GetComponent<TargetScript>();

varINeed = targetScript.desiredVar;

This way is much much better because now you can also access any other data that you need from that object.

Monday, December 8, 2014

CSG Post 7: The Wonderful World of Enumerators

Ive known that Enumerators have existed for some time now. But Ive never quite realized how powerful they were before I Started working on SOY. Enumerators allow you to perform operations on a timed delay that can be closely controlled. My first run in with Enumerators was at the 2014 Global Game where I used them with: "yield return new WaitForSeconds();" pretty much exclusively. This Enumerator function is plenty useful however soon after coming onto SOY I learned the power of combining loops with Enumerators. With loops you can have Enumerators delay indefinitely until a certain criteria is met. Another trick I learned is that you can substitute the Update method with an Enumerator and have the enumerator run at lower speeds resulting in a better performance Update Methods.

IEnumerator DelayTilCriteria()
   while(critera < 80)
    if(breakOut == true)
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(1.0f);

This snippet shows how you can Delay, Increment and Exit an Enumerator Coroutine.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CSG Post 6: Jack Black Jacks Black Jack Blacks Black BlackJack

As a proof of concept for SOY I was requested to make a Networked Black Jack game that would prove that we could create a Networked Multiplayer game. That Project is Here:

CSG Post 5: Managing Networks Like a Boss

I have worked on projects before involving networked play however I have agreed not to talk about it. Luckily Scoundrels of Yen does involve network play So I can talk about all the things I learned then now and also the things I've learned now now. Its important to note that I have only have extensive experience with RPC method based games. I would love to do a state sync based game but currently that type of project has not arisen.

One thing that I learned from doing networked unity programming is the value of keeping your code organized. Before learning networking I would always format my scripts however I so pleased. This was important early on for experimenting with different code formats but as coding became more and more complicated an organized structure of where certain methods were located became more and more relevant. If you aren't familiar with RPC Methods, the way it works is that you First create a method beginning with [RPC], put and functionality that you need into the method. Then use NetworkView.RPC(); to pass in the string name of the method you want to call crossed the network. Followed by the rpcmode and any parameters of the method. This winds up needing quite a lot of methods. For any piece of data that you want to transfer crossed the internet you now need a RPC method for it as well as a Public Method that triggers the call crossed the network. Because of the large amount of methods I adopted a system where there is a summary at the top of the script followed by any getter setter properties or methods.(I prefer properties). Followed by any methods built into unity. Followed by private methods, Followed by public methods. Followed by RPC Methods if any are needed. Followed by Ienumerators.

bool variables/constants;
bool GettersSetters;
void UnityMethods();
private void PrivateMethods();
public void PublicMethods();
[RPC]void RPCMethods();
Ienumerator IEnumerator();

Ive stuck to this structure for a while now and I really like knowing what section to look in depending on what type of method a certain functionality uses. Eventually I would help to define the Raid+ tech reqs using these standards and I am very glad I made that decision.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CSG Post 4: Tooled Up

One of my first Tasks for SOY was to make a tool for unity that would make it easy to place game objects with a single click. Due to NDA related reasons I cant talk to much about it but I have made another script that has very similiar functionality to the SOY tool. That can be found Here.
Check It Out!

CSG Post 3: Version Control is Rad

In unity development we often have the problem of how we implement one another's code into the build without breaking the build and without wasting a ton of time re connecting all the inspector variables. The Answer: Version Control. Version control is a software that tracks the changes that are made in certain files. Those changes are tracked on a server then are later pulled onto other peoples machines. Ensuring that everyone changes are implemented into the build lightning fast. While version control is incredibly powerful it does not come without a couple drawbacks. The first being that the VC software that we use(Source Tree) does not allow the merging of different scene files. So when you are deving you have to make sure that no one else is making changes to the same scene as you. You want to have this practice for all of your files but scenes are especially annoying because they can contain many important changes. Another problem is that when learning source control you are very likely to lose a lot of your work. This summer I once had to redo 2 weeks worth of work because I hadn't committed for that long and my hard work got overwritten by a coworkers hard work. Luckily, on Raid+ we haven't had any major catastrophes, due to the amount of emphasis we placed on always committing to other team members. I hope that things continue to go this swimmingly.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

CSG Post 2: The Hundred Enemy Problem

Just recently in my CSG Capstone class I over heard a conversation about the use of the SendMessage() Method in unity and how it is much slower than direct calls or using Events. This is certainly true. Having to Search through an entire GameObject in search of the passed in method name is incredibly inefficient. However I had just recently been working on a problem with another project of mine and it seemed to me that the only elegant solution to the problem was to use the SendMessage() Method.
The Problem is that when you develop a game you may have an undefined or variable amount of enemy types each being controlled by a corresponding script that will only function for that enemy type.  That works well enough for just a few enemies and maybe you want to add a bit of inheritance into the mix and have all your AI scripts inherit from a script that has a health property on it. The Problem comes in when you want to be able to detect that an object is an enemy and apply damage to that object generally so that whether it be a Flyer enemy or a Walker enemy you can call just one line of code to apply the same Operation to several different types of script instances. The three ways that are typically used to pass data back and forth between objects are not valid solutions. Direct Calls issues the Immediate problem of not being able to make direct calls. If we don't know what script we are using then we don't know what calls we can make. Events would work but for a game that may need Hundreds of enemies active at once, passing variables to over a hundred different instances of somthing that may not even need that informations does not sit well with me. And of course SendMessage is actually a very good solution to the problem except it does not work because that is also highly inefficient.

One solution that I came up with before writing this was to instead of having entirely separate scripts for each enemy, grouping enemies together based on how similiar their behaviors were and then just changing certain variables to allow them to have their proper behavior. This Minimizes the amount of calls you have to do and the amount of different tags you have to set. It is not a perfect solution by any means but it would allow you to easily have a hundred enemies without becoming to inconvenienced . The Solution that I thought of as I was writing this is a much better solution though. Rather than having One script for each type of enemy and a script that it inherits from you could have just two entirely separate scripts. One script for the enemies unique behavior and one script for the enemies common behavior. The common behavior script would be on every prefab of an enemy and would be called when needed by unique script. This way any generic methods can be called by external scripts and the unique behavior script also has access to it for its own behavior.

Friday, September 26, 2014

CSG Post 1: Here We Go Again

Another semester of the CSG program another set of forced blogs. Im going to take my first blog to just give an overview of Raid+ affairs. The team that I'm with for my Matc capstone class (Raid+) is currently making a game called Scoundrels of Yen(SOY). SOY is a Collectible Card Game that uses a board game type interface. The Designers are currently hard at work finding the Fun. Artists are doing tonnes of cool concept art. And programmers are hard at work setting up the framework for the game. We are currently using service called Get to Done for our performance tracking and so far that is working pretty well. The Tech team is using Source Tree and BitBucket for version control. A good Start to the Semester.

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Quick Update

Quick Update!!! Im working with Digital Iris now. And holy crap I am working on a lot of projects. Projects that I can talk about include Rocky Maroo, a 2.5D platformer slated for an Ouya Release. A project using the Myo, an armband that detects gestures made with the fingers. Begun developing Digital Iris's next game Pod gunner. Along with another project that I cant really talk about... but I am getting paid for it so I am super giddy for that. Then also I started working on the MATC capstone project that will officially be starting when the semester starts. Also I started 2 new side projects however development of those has slowed to a "whenever pace". So yeah Ive been keeping busy.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Combo Princess Is Now Available!

Combo Princess is now available to play on Kongregate:
Thank you to Everyone for all your support. You guys are Excellent.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Portfolio Night Break Down

Having just gotten back from showing off Combo Princess at MATC's Portfolio Night I can gladly say that the night was a success. The event got a lot of hands on the game and I got to see everyone's reactions to different elements of the game. Things that I learned that I was doing right with Combo Princess were art style and the addictiveness of the game. Many people commented on how good the game looked as well as how it played once you figured out how to play. There were a number of problems that became apparent to me once other people started playing. The most glaringly obvious was that people still weren't understanding the basic mechanics of the game and that the pre-game tutorial was not effective. Players would often mash a combination of A and X before without killing a single duck. I would then have to explain the basic strategy of the game and many players still never fully grasped how to play it. This will be a challenge but if Combo Princess is to receive any amount of success this must be addressed in full. The second largest problem was that the upgrades were far to expensive. Most players would only get 10 - 30 coins per attempt till the got the hang of the game and after the they normally only got 50 - 200. Scaling those down will be easy I just need a guinea pig to test them. Thirdly, one player that was really keen on CP found himself exploiting the spawning gap near the top of the screen and would mostly stick to that area, diving in and out to kill some ducks. Not exactly sure If I should correct this problem or not. One thing that really blew my mind tonight was how difficult Combo Princess actually is. Only one player managed to make it out of the first area of the game. This makes me consider leaving that exploit in the game to prevent the game from being to hard. If I were to fix this problem I would probably put a duck missile node near the top of the screen  so that the player has a reason to dash down.  I hope to fix these problems and have the game ready for a proper launch in about a weeks time. I cannot wait.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Combo Princess Update: My Beautiful Disembodied Head

Combo Princess is very close to being done. Things that have happened since last update:

  • I added a bunch of music loops. Two loops for the actual play phase of the game, one loop for the title screen and one loop for the death/upgrade screen.
  • I added one more Enemy, the shark duck now makes another appearance by jumping out of water. He is larger than the other enemies and he also always flys upwards from the water.
  • Just added a crap ton of polish and other non noteworthy things like a credit screen, victory screen, and initial Logo Splash, though I do have to say I am quite proud of the logo I've made. I decided to start making a brand of myself and made a pixel art logo of my likeness. It turned out super well and I'm probably going to use it for EVERYTHING. Other polish includes making a cool title card that falls down one letter at a time at the main menu screen.
Combo Princess Is very close to being done. I just need to make few more tweaks and polishes and we should be ready to launch/show off at Matc Portfolio Night.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

ComboPrincess Update: Boss Sauce

Good News Guys! Combo Princess I want to say is about 90% developed. There are still a few things left to do but nothing difficult and nothing that would take a long time. Things that I still need to do Include:

  • Add 1 more Enemy Type.
  • Add 1 more Upgrade.
  • Add A proper Win Screen.
  • Add A proper Main Menu Screen.
  • Testing and Balancing.

After these and a few other tweaks Combo Princess should be Golden. Its about time. When I first started developing Combo Princess I had hoped to finish it by the end of march but that doesn't seemed to have happened. In march I dropped combo princess to work full time on EverFire's GMR Project. After two weeks of EverFire I had a little bit of a hard time picking CP back up again due to the fact that I really wanted to start a whole new project. But after a Brief Hiatus I slowly began to chisel away at Combo Princess again. I've since then added the final Boss and also a post death upgrade purchase screen. My new Deadline for having CP done is now May 14. I will be showing it off that night at the MATC Portfolio Event. I hope to get criticism from people there and adjust my game accordingly in the next week before Uploading it to Kongregate.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

ComboPrincess Update: Now With Princess!

Its been quite a little while since my last post. In case you were wondering what I was doing all that time, I have been working on a project for the GMR marketing company. I wont be blogging about it anytime soon because it is still super secret but maybe I will talk about it someday in the future because I've learned a lot so far. Working on that full time for two weeks caused me to fall behind working on combo princess but I currently have a break on that so I've resumed working on it.
As you can see there have been a number of changes. Probably the most significant being that there is actually a princess in the game. Just as I initially planned I made a more of a goth style princess. She currently doesn't have any animation but I intend on fixing that soon. Using Scott Pilgrim Vs the World sprites as reference material I over the course of a day sprited my goth princess and I think she turned out really really well.
All the parts of her body are different layers so that I can animate them inside of unity. You will also notice that I have added a Launch Bar. The way the bar works is that at the beginning of the the level the player character will Immobile. The arrow on the bar will oscillate back and forth and when the player hits jump the closer the arrow is to the center of the bar the larger the boost jump the player gets. I was initially against putting this feature in the game because of its overuse in launch runner type games, but eventually I came around to using it because it allows the player to begin the game with the action paused but the player can begin whenever he/she wants. It also makes for an exciting start to the round. I added a shield upgrade feature to the game. The shield prevents the player from taking heart damage and instead takes shield damage. When all of the shields are all used the player will then take heart damage. When the player takes heart damage the players shields will be replenished. Taking shield damage also does not cause a combo to be broken. I also added different backgrounds that when the player reaches a certain point will change to a different background. Also added a progress bar to see how far away the player is from the end of the game.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

API Programming Project 2: Good Oscillations

Made another tool for my API Programming Class. This one is an Oscillation Script. A game-objects Position, Rotation or Scale will fluctuate to either a Sin function or to a Built in Unity Ping Pong function when the game runs.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

ComboPrincessUpdate: Massive Artgasm

Its been pretty smooth sailing on Combo Princess. No major bugs or annoyances to mention except for finding out that new grounds currently doesn't support unity games. A little annoying but Ive also heard that new grounds maybe considering adding support for unity player eventually. I was considering putting Combo Princess on newgrounds but I guess I'll have to shelve that idea for now. I also learned that Kongregate doesnt support mochi ads. Which is unfortunate but I'm hoping for a sponsorship from Kongregate. If that goes through I will hopefully have little bit of money I can wave in the face of some of my colleagues. Other than that I can pretty much only hope that Combo Princess becomes a huge break though success.

I have done a ton of art related things since my last update.
Combo Princess Now:
 There is also a lot of really fancy parallax that really makes it look nice. You will also notice that I decided to change the art direction entirely. I changed it from the darker sort of rainbow micro chip type look that I had to a more bright and vibrant retro type style. The reason for this was because I did not know how to craft a simple story given the dark rainbow art style. I also have now crafted a simple story to go along with the game. You are a princess that has been kidnapped by a band of giant ducks that are called Ducklords. The Ducklords then flood the entire world.(Which is why there is nothing but water.) Then it is up to Princess Combo to defeat the evil Mallord(Leader of the Ducklords. Also a duck pun.) and restore balance to the world. Also another little quirk about the ducks is that they cannot fly on their own and have to fly around other ways.

There were a few important design things that happened as well. I made i so that you lose a life when you touch the floor I started implementing and upgrade system. Right now you can increase the amount of jumps you can do and also the amount of hearts you get at the start. I also added Balloon Ducks that are just like regular jet pack ducks except the oscillate up and down. I also added Flying carpet ducks that give you more money than regular ducks.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Player Pref Manager Project

One of the projects that I have to do for my API Programming Class is I have to make a game development tool (Preferably to be used for the my team's Capstone class next semester). After researching a few different types of tools I settled on making a tool to help manage player prefs. After digging  around online a little I found that a dev name Quick Fingers had already succeed in making an awesome tool. After downloading it I added a number of features to the code including a Delete All button and a Search Feature.
To open the Manager Windows>PlayerPrefsManager.
Changes will not be made permanent until you hit the save Button.

** Made a Slight Adjustment to the Gui. As of now I have replaced the Restore Button with a save button.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Shadow Princess Update

Things have been a little bit crazy with Shadow Princess as of late but now that things seem to be calming down I figured Id give an update. First and probably most important I decided on a real title. I will now refer to this project as Combo Princess. So that's exciting. Also I flung another build up on Kongregate and got more than one survey response this time. I made a lot of design changes based on the survey results. I decided that overall I needed to add more than just an endless plane where the player avoids getting hit. I removed the floor so that if the player falls off the screen they die. Seems a bit harsh but I am adding an upgrade system and the player can upgrade the amount of safety nets they start with. One of the criticisms from the survey results was that there was no long term goal. I am thinking about adding some sort of boss ending to the game. I was intially thinking that the game would be endless but I think that people are more likely to come back to play the game if they have some other goal besides beating their highest score/combo.

I don't know if I mentioned this in a previous post but I am thinking that combo princess is definitely going to be a browser based game. I've looked into Kongregate to host and I probably am going to go with Kongregate exclusively, at least right away to see how the game is received, and also to get a +15% ad revenue share. I did do a few calculations and the revenue I would from ads is less than I expected but not so little that I wont finish the game I also was not calculating in Mochi ads  or Sponsorship money should I decide to use either of those as a source of  revenue. Using data acquired from the Combo Princess alpha builds up on Kongragate and other sources of info online I calculated that a game that has 1000000 plays generates about $2500 in revenue before Kong gets their cut. Again, not great. but its somthing. And that is assuming that combo princess gets a million plays. I definetly have to do some more research but thats what I have so far. 

Another thing that happened was that I decided to change the planned art style for the game. My initial idea was to make a very computer like art style similiar to MicroDude but more Colorful. I thought it looked nice and was very unique but unfortunately I could not base an interesting narrative around that art style. So I decided to delve back into sprite art. The narrative that I have so far goes like this: You are a Princess(Not sure what kind or where you are from yet) You are kidnapped by the evil MalLord, an evil duck who rules other ducks. And thats pretty much it so far :3. I'l come up with more but til then here is a spriting of one of the enemies in the game. Just been calling him Rocket Duck.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Global Game Jam 2014

Its that time of year again. Time to blog about how things went at the Global Game Jam.  Well if you were looking for a spectacular success story of how me and my team(Raid+) created a short game that was raved about by the everyone who played it, you wont find it here. The jam began with most of  the Raid+ team(minus most of our artists) in our usual class room. Waiting excited for the keynote and the topic to be played by the jam admin. We were "competing" with several other teams. The matc Capstoners + Alumni, Raid+, Second Semester Noobs, and Two teams from UWM (also The admins Mike and Emil made an unofficial game). The time eventually came. The keynote was long and boring. The game jam topic was:  "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."  Raid+ rushed off into brainstorm mode. After a while we decided to make a First person survival horror game where the player could view a number of night vision security feeds by looking at an in game tablet. I loved this idea and I felt like it had a lot of potential to make for some very creepy and unsettling moments. though unfortunately soon after that feature was nailed down, I felt that many of the designers started making really bad decisions about what was going to be in the game. The first of these decisions was to make the player unable to move while holding the tablet. This was a bad decision because it limited the ways that the player could navigate the level. I was thinking that the fun of the game was going to be learning to navigate levels from several different perspectives. Instead the player was to enter a dark room, Open up the tablet, look at the environment, then close the tablet and try to remember how the level looked from a fucked up weird perspective. There are other games that use memorization as a way to progress but the player never knew where the cameras were in relation to the player character, rendering them useless and completely disorienting. Also I just want to point out that at the time I did realize that these were mistakes and I do blame my self for not pointing out these flaws to my team earlier. I just didnt want to hamper the awesome creative juices of the designers at the time. Also I thought it would become obvious later that those changes needed to be made but they never were. Another bad decision was to make the environments completely unseeable. This one I thought was completely ridiculous that nobody else caught earlier. 

 Above: A picture of our game jam game...Yes it was that dark. I don't know why this issue wasn't resolved. What were we thinking! Another issue that seems kind of irrelevant now but was a big deal at the time was that the designers wanted to put in a mechanic where the player can trip over certain items. The game is unplayabley difficult to navigate already, I dont imagine being able to trip over tables would have helped much. When I mentioned that tripping over things was a terrible idea I also mentioned that we should cut out some features and they completely disregarded what I said. When Noah our lead designer, was asked why the game was like this he blamed the games quality on the fact that we went to buffalo wild wings instead of ordering dominos again. That is super dumb. It is clear to me that the reason that our game failed was because Raid+ had once again out scoped a project, and because of a few bad design decisions early in development. Other than that though I had a ton of fun making it.In programming specific news I learned a lot about corountines and how useful WaitForSeconds() is in unity. I had always tried to avoid WaitForSeconds() because you cant exit out of it until the end but it is really useful for delaying things that dont exit out of being delayed. Also learned some about cameras and occlusion. Also I just want to add that I am very proud of the way the tablet turned out especially because programmed it. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shadow Princess Update Jan 21 2014

Over the past week or so I've done a number of things for (Working Title) Shadow Princess. One thing that I did was I uploaded the current build of Shadow Princess to Kongregate. I primarily did this to have a few people play what I have and then give feed back but I only got one survey response. Im not that surprised since I only posted the link to my facebook feed and didnt post it to any game dev forums but I was hoping for a few more. It was also just to test out how uploading games to Kongregate works. Not to much of a problem there. I uploaded it successfully. Not long after that, Probably the most major thing that I did was that I found the "Fun" as my Professor calls it. Or at least I think I have found the core systems of the prototype that make the game fun to play. As I was playing the game on my browser I realized how unintuitive the controls were. Coupled with the one feedback response telling me that they couldn't get past the tutorial because the controls wouldn't work for them, I decided to strip out alot mechanics and simplify what I had. I took out the dash and upper dash abilitys because having to many move options simply confused the player. Now the game only has the dive kick type ability as well as the jump and double jump. I also removed and randomly spawning platforms. So now there is only the enemy type and the collectable. I also made it so that when the enemy is dive kicked it bounces the player up. The player also bounces when a collectable is obtained. With this and the addition of a combo based point system The game becomes fun. The goal of the game is no longer survive for as long as possible but is to attain the highest amount of points you can by achieving the highest combo you can, all the while surviving.

Also Ive started seriously thinking about what the art style of the game should be. Right now Im thinking like a Tron Rainbow type style. I did a few parallax layers and its looking pretty cool. Il keep my mind open though since my last game MicroDude had a tron like art style.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Shadow Princess and Other things Ive been up to

Alright. First post of 2014 lets hope the coming year will be a good one.  Since the end of the School year I have been doing a number of things. Eating to much and procrastinating come to mind, but now I'm ready to continue developing games. I've Already built out a number of prototypes for my next project but I think I've finally settled on one. The first prototype that I made was an Idea that I had come up with during the school year. The idea was to create a tower defense game where you control a 2d sidescroller character. After I built out the prototype in game maker I realized that not only was the scope of the game going to be way bigger than I could handle but also that 2d sidescroller mechanics dont really blend well with tower defense mechanics. I shelved that one and started work on just a 2d Platformer. The plan for this Idea was to make fast paced colorful platform game. I used the new unity 2d tech demo project as a starting point. I made a few tweaks to the project and added super meatboy style wall jumping. I needed a feature that would differentiate the game from the rest of the 2d platformers out there so I add a Divekick style dive kick ability.
The game played pretty well on controller but suffered on keyboard. This was a major problem because I plan on making most of my revenue through browser based platforms like Kongregate.
 I shelved that project and then moved on to the project I currently plan on finishing which is (Working Title) Shadow Princess. Shadow Princess is a runner 2d sidscroller game. Your character runs in one direction  and you have to jump and dash out of the way of obstacles.  Its a genre that only recently emerged with the popularity of the mobile platform and I think its a genre that hasn't been completely over done yet. I plan to release the game on mobile but I plan to make most of my money from cites that run ads like Kongregate. But I've also been thinking about having some sort of micro transaction model as well. I really hope that this game pans out well. Also other things I've been up to are watching youtube lectures about game development and entrepreneurship. They say I should get a lawyer and an accountant but they also say I should get them when I have something to lose. Hopefully I will have something to lose this year.