Sunday, February 23, 2014

ComboPrincessUpdate: Massive Artgasm

Its been pretty smooth sailing on Combo Princess. No major bugs or annoyances to mention except for finding out that new grounds currently doesn't support unity games. A little annoying but Ive also heard that new grounds maybe considering adding support for unity player eventually. I was considering putting Combo Princess on newgrounds but I guess I'll have to shelve that idea for now. I also learned that Kongregate doesnt support mochi ads. Which is unfortunate but I'm hoping for a sponsorship from Kongregate. If that goes through I will hopefully have little bit of money I can wave in the face of some of my colleagues. Other than that I can pretty much only hope that Combo Princess becomes a huge break though success.

I have done a ton of art related things since my last update.
Combo Princess Now:
 There is also a lot of really fancy parallax that really makes it look nice. You will also notice that I decided to change the art direction entirely. I changed it from the darker sort of rainbow micro chip type look that I had to a more bright and vibrant retro type style. The reason for this was because I did not know how to craft a simple story given the dark rainbow art style. I also have now crafted a simple story to go along with the game. You are a princess that has been kidnapped by a band of giant ducks that are called Ducklords. The Ducklords then flood the entire world.(Which is why there is nothing but water.) Then it is up to Princess Combo to defeat the evil Mallord(Leader of the Ducklords. Also a duck pun.) and restore balance to the world. Also another little quirk about the ducks is that they cannot fly on their own and have to fly around other ways.

There were a few important design things that happened as well. I made i so that you lose a life when you touch the floor I started implementing and upgrade system. Right now you can increase the amount of jumps you can do and also the amount of hearts you get at the start. I also added Balloon Ducks that are just like regular jet pack ducks except the oscillate up and down. I also added Flying carpet ducks that give you more money than regular ducks.

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