Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WID Journal 3

Ive completed the the projectile script that I talked about in journal 2. I changed it however so that the projectile works like a boomerang to be more consistent with the weapon that the designers had in mind. The way that the boomerang works is that when the boomerang is instantiated a timer is set and when that timer hits zero the direction reverses. My new task is to program the boss for level 1. Like the projectile the boss is also going to be timer based. At this rate however this is going to be the only boss in the game. I've worked on  programming bosses before in works that I've made in game maker and even with a drag and drop interface it still takes some time to program. Right now ive got the boss to walk left and right on a timer, ive programmed the game object that triggers the battle, and ive added the colliders to the boss as shone below.
I still have to add the beserk mode where the boss follows the player. Im not sure how well this is going to work with the timer system or if i have time to even add beserk mode at all. After having a meeting with the designers i realize that many of them are working very hard actually. Though i still wish they knew the difficulty to code some of the things they design.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wait I'm Dead? Journal 2

I am just getting done with my spring break and it was nice to finally have a little time to relax and reflect on progress for Wait I'm Dead? Over the Break I completed work on the script that allows the skeleton to  launch projectiles. At first the skeletons attack looked like he would toss crazy ass boomerang pancakes all around the world. however after a little tweaking i was able to get him to throw pancakes like a normal human being.
I also begun thinking about the script for the AOE attack and I realized it would be very similiar to the melee system that I have already written.
With only six weeks left in the semester I am a little concerned that the groups designers have just sort been relaxing when the build is no where near being completed. It would be nice to see them actually paying attention to whats currently in the build and managing the trello board. I also feel that we should have more than one level model created. I also think that a lot of them dont take into account the fact that we need to be testing this game long before the semesters end.