Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CSG Post 4: Tooled Up

One of my first Tasks for SOY was to make a tool for unity that would make it easy to place game objects with a single click. Due to NDA related reasons I cant talk to much about it but I have made another script that has very similiar functionality to the SOY tool. That can be found Here.
Check It Out!

CSG Post 3: Version Control is Rad

In unity development we often have the problem of how we implement one another's code into the build without breaking the build and without wasting a ton of time re connecting all the inspector variables. The Answer: Version Control. Version control is a software that tracks the changes that are made in certain files. Those changes are tracked on a server then are later pulled onto other peoples machines. Ensuring that everyone changes are implemented into the build lightning fast. While version control is incredibly powerful it does not come without a couple drawbacks. The first being that the VC software that we use(Source Tree) does not allow the merging of different scene files. So when you are deving you have to make sure that no one else is making changes to the same scene as you. You want to have this practice for all of your files but scenes are especially annoying because they can contain many important changes. Another problem is that when learning source control you are very likely to lose a lot of your work. This summer I once had to redo 2 weeks worth of work because I hadn't committed for that long and my hard work got overwritten by a coworkers hard work. Luckily, on Raid+ we haven't had any major catastrophes, due to the amount of emphasis we placed on always committing to other team members. I hope that things continue to go this swimmingly.