Saturday, November 28, 2015

Warhammer 40k Adventure #12

The Large Salamander is a Unit Meant to be similar to the Carnosaur but focused around a flame template ability. My interpretation of this was to take the Carnosaur, Give it the Flame Sac weapon and then decrease some of its stats to balance it with the Regular Carnosaurs. At the time I called it the Carnamander. I thought it would be cool if the lizardmen had somehow mixed the DNA of the Salamanders and the Carnosaurs together to create a Carnosaur, Salamander hybrid but unfortunately the Leads were intent on just calling it the Large Salamander.

Warhammer 40k Adventure #11

These are the Psycic Powers for the Skink Priests. They were later named Ascended Rites. These were primarily adapted from spells from the Lizardmen Fantasy Codex. That helped with balancing them and also satisfied Garretts obsession with taking inpspiration from the fantasy book. However I thought it was strange that the spells in the fantasy codex had very little fluff associated with them. I had a little bit of diffculty adapting Fiery Convocation. The fire in WH Fantasy doesn't work exactly alike to WH 40k so I had to do a bit of research to find the proper solution.

Warhammer 40k Adventure #10

I was excited to work on the Double Sided Chainsword Weapon simply because of the name of the weapon. When I made the weapon I wanted to reflect the double sided nature of the weapon by giving it two attacks. Unfortunately the amount of attacks is determined by the character and not the weapon so I gave it a very complicated effect that boosted its A stat during the assault phase. However the wording of the effect confused many of my team mates so it was turned to the current effect listed. 

Warhammer 40k Adventure #9

The Multiple Missile Launcher is primarily an Adaptation of another Missile Launcher from WH 40k. Didn't require much creativity or balancing for this one but I did the task so I thought I would include it.

Warhammer 40k Adventure #8

This task required me to create an upgrade for the Skink Snipers that adds Rending to their rifles. Fulfilling it was fairly simple. I took the stats for the sniper rifle then added rending and an upgrade cost. I called it the thermite rifle because thermite is a compound used to breach heavy armor and I though having a rifle that shoots such a deadly concoction was a neat idea.