Friday, February 7, 2014

Shadow Princess Update

Things have been a little bit crazy with Shadow Princess as of late but now that things seem to be calming down I figured Id give an update. First and probably most important I decided on a real title. I will now refer to this project as Combo Princess. So that's exciting. Also I flung another build up on Kongregate and got more than one survey response this time. I made a lot of design changes based on the survey results. I decided that overall I needed to add more than just an endless plane where the player avoids getting hit. I removed the floor so that if the player falls off the screen they die. Seems a bit harsh but I am adding an upgrade system and the player can upgrade the amount of safety nets they start with. One of the criticisms from the survey results was that there was no long term goal. I am thinking about adding some sort of boss ending to the game. I was intially thinking that the game would be endless but I think that people are more likely to come back to play the game if they have some other goal besides beating their highest score/combo.

I don't know if I mentioned this in a previous post but I am thinking that combo princess is definitely going to be a browser based game. I've looked into Kongregate to host and I probably am going to go with Kongregate exclusively, at least right away to see how the game is received, and also to get a +15% ad revenue share. I did do a few calculations and the revenue I would from ads is less than I expected but not so little that I wont finish the game I also was not calculating in Mochi ads  or Sponsorship money should I decide to use either of those as a source of  revenue. Using data acquired from the Combo Princess alpha builds up on Kongragate and other sources of info online I calculated that a game that has 1000000 plays generates about $2500 in revenue before Kong gets their cut. Again, not great. but its somthing. And that is assuming that combo princess gets a million plays. I definetly have to do some more research but thats what I have so far. 

Another thing that happened was that I decided to change the planned art style for the game. My initial idea was to make a very computer like art style similiar to MicroDude but more Colorful. I thought it looked nice and was very unique but unfortunately I could not base an interesting narrative around that art style. So I decided to delve back into sprite art. The narrative that I have so far goes like this: You are a Princess(Not sure what kind or where you are from yet) You are kidnapped by the evil MalLord, an evil duck who rules other ducks. And thats pretty much it so far :3. I'l come up with more but til then here is a spriting of one of the enemies in the game. Just been calling him Rocket Duck.

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