Monday, May 5, 2014

Combo Princess Update: My Beautiful Disembodied Head

Combo Princess is very close to being done. Things that have happened since last update:

  • I added a bunch of music loops. Two loops for the actual play phase of the game, one loop for the title screen and one loop for the death/upgrade screen.
  • I added one more Enemy, the shark duck now makes another appearance by jumping out of water. He is larger than the other enemies and he also always flys upwards from the water.
  • Just added a crap ton of polish and other non noteworthy things like a credit screen, victory screen, and initial Logo Splash, though I do have to say I am quite proud of the logo I've made. I decided to start making a brand of myself and made a pixel art logo of my likeness. It turned out super well and I'm probably going to use it for EVERYTHING. Other polish includes making a cool title card that falls down one letter at a time at the main menu screen.
Combo Princess Is very close to being done. I just need to make few more tweaks and polishes and we should be ready to launch/show off at Matc Portfolio Night.

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