Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shadow Princess Update Jan 21 2014

Over the past week or so I've done a number of things for (Working Title) Shadow Princess. One thing that I did was I uploaded the current build of Shadow Princess to Kongregate. I primarily did this to have a few people play what I have and then give feed back but I only got one survey response. Im not that surprised since I only posted the link to my facebook feed and didnt post it to any game dev forums but I was hoping for a few more. It was also just to test out how uploading games to Kongregate works. Not to much of a problem there. I uploaded it successfully. Not long after that, Probably the most major thing that I did was that I found the "Fun" as my Professor calls it. Or at least I think I have found the core systems of the prototype that make the game fun to play. As I was playing the game on my browser I realized how unintuitive the controls were. Coupled with the one feedback response telling me that they couldn't get past the tutorial because the controls wouldn't work for them, I decided to strip out alot mechanics and simplify what I had. I took out the dash and upper dash abilitys because having to many move options simply confused the player. Now the game only has the dive kick type ability as well as the jump and double jump. I also removed and randomly spawning platforms. So now there is only the enemy type and the collectable. I also made it so that when the enemy is dive kicked it bounces the player up. The player also bounces when a collectable is obtained. With this and the addition of a combo based point system The game becomes fun. The goal of the game is no longer survive for as long as possible but is to attain the highest amount of points you can by achieving the highest combo you can, all the while surviving.

Also Ive started seriously thinking about what the art style of the game should be. Right now Im thinking like a Tron Rainbow type style. I did a few parallax layers and its looking pretty cool. Il keep my mind open though since my last game MicroDude had a tron like art style.

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