Monday, January 13, 2014

Shadow Princess and Other things Ive been up to

Alright. First post of 2014 lets hope the coming year will be a good one.  Since the end of the School year I have been doing a number of things. Eating to much and procrastinating come to mind, but now I'm ready to continue developing games. I've Already built out a number of prototypes for my next project but I think I've finally settled on one. The first prototype that I made was an Idea that I had come up with during the school year. The idea was to create a tower defense game where you control a 2d sidescroller character. After I built out the prototype in game maker I realized that not only was the scope of the game going to be way bigger than I could handle but also that 2d sidescroller mechanics dont really blend well with tower defense mechanics. I shelved that one and started work on just a 2d Platformer. The plan for this Idea was to make fast paced colorful platform game. I used the new unity 2d tech demo project as a starting point. I made a few tweaks to the project and added super meatboy style wall jumping. I needed a feature that would differentiate the game from the rest of the 2d platformers out there so I add a Divekick style dive kick ability.
The game played pretty well on controller but suffered on keyboard. This was a major problem because I plan on making most of my revenue through browser based platforms like Kongregate.
 I shelved that project and then moved on to the project I currently plan on finishing which is (Working Title) Shadow Princess. Shadow Princess is a runner 2d sidscroller game. Your character runs in one direction  and you have to jump and dash out of the way of obstacles.  Its a genre that only recently emerged with the popularity of the mobile platform and I think its a genre that hasn't been completely over done yet. I plan to release the game on mobile but I plan to make most of my money from cites that run ads like Kongregate. But I've also been thinking about having some sort of micro transaction model as well. I really hope that this game pans out well. Also other things I've been up to are watching youtube lectures about game development and entrepreneurship. They say I should get a lawyer and an accountant but they also say I should get them when I have something to lose. Hopefully I will have something to lose this year.

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