Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lucidity Log 13: Giving Props to Leadership

Compared to the utter disaster of FireHelm last semester, the strong and motivating leadership of Raid Plus this semester was truly relieving. Firehelm had had so much trouble with leaders that most people cannot remember who was a leader and who was not. I remember myself being leader most of the time and then finally giving up my position willfully because of my failure to motivate any of my fellow FireHelm Members. Other old team members of mine distinctly remember Alex being the leader of FireHelm and the old members of Raid Plus claim that Kevin was the leader. The fact that nobody remembers that we all had a part in the leadership truly shows how dysfunctional FireHelm was. Raid Plus has shown me the qualities of a good leader. If I were to lead another team again I think I would do far better than last semester. I would keep track of my team members attendance and deadlines. I would apply things that I learned about Scrum and Sprint planning. I would try my hardest to get rid of people who don't deserve to be with us.

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