Monday, December 16, 2013

Lucidity Log 11: Let the Bitching Commence

Ive run out of subjects worth talking about on my blog so I am going to list off a number of things that annoyed me this semester in an attempt to remember somthing more important.
One of my fellow team members really annoyed me this semester. Izzy as we call him, is a 2d artist. He would come into class, often late, work on mediocre textures for an hour then watch game grumps for the other three hours. When Firehelm was initially absorbed into raid plus the leads made it very clear that this kind of behavior would not be tolerated and I was very disappointed that that promise was not upheld here. Ive heard around that the reason that Izzy was not given the boot was because they believed that he may be autistic. Im not against handicapped people in the work place but he was never reprimanded in any way for his poor performance and he never winded up making any quality content.

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