Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why the Steam Box is going to be Awesome

Steam Box is the new "Console" being developed by Valve and from what i hear it sounds like Its going to be awesome.The steam box is going to be open to third party customization. Im not exactly sure why but that just sounds awesome to me. The idea that somone can have just a really pimped out version of somthing that everyone has is cool. I also think it is awesome that the standard box is going to come with 8 hdmi ports allowing for up to 8 player local play. Also Gabe Newell is discarding their current method of selecting indie games for market and he is opening it up entirely to indie developers. Meaning that there are going to be cheap indie games galore. It also means more opportunity for me. The only concern i have is that valves version of steam box is only going to run linux. I'm not exactly sure what that entails for developers. But Yeah that is why the steam box is going to be Epic.
Jon out.

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