Sunday, April 19, 2015

Don't Break The Chain: Double Follow Up All The Way!

The Don't Break the Chain system that I stole from Jerry Seinfeld seems to be working incredibly well at this point. I have ceased using it to keep track of how long I work on Demon Hearts everyday and have started using it to motivate me to make a singular level every day. I currently have 40 levels in Demon Hearts. I am super satisfied at how many levels I have made using this system. I made a level just about every day(Some days I redid levels I wasn't happy with.). 
 As you can see I started on March 4th and have been doing it to now April 19. You will notice that some of the dates are Xed out with yellow instead of pink. These are days a specifically designated not to make a level. I designated those days because I was very busy preparing for and going to the Midwest Gaming Classic. Overall I am super happy with this system. Thanks Jerry.

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