Saturday, January 31, 2015

Paper! Its the Next Big Thing!

I am writing this blog post in 2015 and while I am all for making use of innovative technologies in these years of great technological growth, I cant pry myself away from using good old paper. Why you ask? Well because paper feels good. It feels good crush it, good to fold it, good to to cross out words on it. I use paper because it is satisfying to make progress when you keep track of your progress on a physical object. I use paper for any sort of temporary list and then as I complete tasks on the list I cross that item out. Each line drawn through an item is its own tactile reward. And when the list is all crossed out I crumple it up and slam it in the trash bin. VICTORY!!!
I keep a note book for keeping notes and then I have a list of tasks on a piece of graph paper.

Another Benefit to keeping track of these things on paper is that it isn't as easily hidden as an Excel document is. When my tasks have a physical presence I tend to remember that they exist which helps with reminding me to keep track of my progress. 

Paper obviously has limits. For example working on paper in a team is much more difficult. In team based situations I like to use a Dry Erase Board or as recently discovered during the game jam, Sticky Notes. Paper also has the downfall of not being electronic so backing your tasks up doesn't prevent them from being lost or being thrown out accidentally but that happens very rarely. Call me a Cave Man if you want, Paper Development is super rad.

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