Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dont Break The Chain: One Week In

A few of my Facebook friends have recently posted articles about a goal reaching system called Don't Break the chain. Don't Break The Chain is a methodology supposedly invented by the legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld. It involves making or purchasing a large calender and then every day that you do something to increase progress towards your goal you cross that day out. After hearing about it on Facebook I also heard it mentioned on the popular lets play channel Game Grumps. It was then that I decided to try the system out for myself.
Paper Wins Again!
Instead of buying a calender I just cobbled a couple pieces of graph paper and marked off 2x2 Sections for each day. As you might not see, my goal currently is to edit, promote, or post to my blog everyday. Originally my goal was to work on my projects everyday however after doing that for a few days I realized that the frequency that I worked on my projects was not a problem. It was actually more the length that I worked on the projects each day. When I realized that the Chain wouldn't work well with that goal I decided that my goal would be to improve my blog. The day I write this marks the first week I complete without breaking the chain. Hurray!!

Although this system had a rocky start, I think I will get a ton of blogs posted using it. I will make another post in the future letting you guys know if it continued to work or not. Well actually you will know if it works if I do actually post blogs all the time but I will make a post later containing the details. 

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