Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dont Break the Chain: A Follow Up

A few posts ago I discussed a performance tracking system called Don't Break the Chain. This is a follow up of its progress and results. You can find the original post here. Don't Break the Chain involves getting or making a physical calender and then every day that you make progress towards your goal you put a big X through that day. The idea is that it will make a large and difficult goal seem more like a number of small and easy tasks.
The goal that I was trying to reach using this system was to work on my projects every day. What I found was that while it did a good job at motivating me to work on my projects every day, The problem that I was having was the length at which I worked on my projects every day, not the frequency. When I realized this I thought that I would just have my daily goal be to work a certain amount of hours every day. The problem with this was if I chose the amount of hours in the daily goal to be 3 hours, I would only work 3 hours every day even when I could work longer. When I found this out I realized that maybe this system only really works with things that only last a few minutes.
Now I have found a goal that I think will work really well with this system. One of the things that I find most tedious about making video games is designing levels. And so for the project that I am currently working on, I am going to design a level every day and keep track of it on my new Store Bought Calender. Wish Me Luck.

Thanks For The System Jerry. <3

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