Thursday, October 1, 2015

Warhammer 40K Adventure #1

New Semester! New Class! We are Playing and Modding Warhammer 40K this semester. First day of class we got right to it and started playing. I was on a team with a number of fellow students. That day my team played the Tyranids, a malevolent race of bug aliens that closely resemble the work of HR Geiger. Our team faced the Crimson Slaughter race. Tyranids winded up winning because of  the prior experience of Garett Poenitish. The game seemed very complicated, but after a few hours of play and some instructional YouTube videos the game was still super complicated. though now I do understand it better. One thing I was disappointed about mechanically was that almost all dice rolls are based off of d6s. Coming from D&D I was expecting Warhammer to show types of dice I had never even seen before. It did show me how Scatter Dice worked but other than that I'm a little let down. One mechanic that I do love about Warhammer though is the way you move the models around the field. Its very simple. You have an amount of inches that you can move. Then you measure out with a ruler or tape measure where you want your unit to move. I liked this mechanic so much I actually worked it into the overland movement system of my current D&D campaign.

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